How Beer Saved the World

How Beer Saved the World

Credit: Google Images


Nothing happened for the first 90,000 years of human existence. Our kick-start to the greatest achievements was in the last ten thousand years. How did we shift from being primitive to becoming creators and inventors?

Beer happened.

The discovery of brewing beer changed humans and the world. A crazy notion, right? But many anthropologists and archaeologists hypothesize that it was beer, not bread, that motivated us to farm barley around 9000 BC. This agricultural revolution ended our hunter-gathering days and led us to create the first human civilization: Mesopotamia.

More barley meant more beer, and this was the motivation for numerous inventions–the plough, the wheel, irrigation, mathematics, and writing–to create better production and distribution of beer.

Even recent breakthroughs are attributed to beer–the discovery of germ theory, modern medicine, refrigeration, and factories. It even saved Arizona, for where would Flagstaff be without the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail and Flagstaff breweries?

We’d like to go on and on about how beer saved the world, but we’ll let the infographic experts take it from here:

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