What is Beer Lacing?

So what is beer lacing? Check out the foam in your pint glass.

Credit: ithinkaboutbeer.com


Ever taken a sip of a beer at a brewery along the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail and come up with a beer mustache? Then you look down and see a pretty white pattern spiderwebbing your glass?

That’s called beer lacing. But what is beer lacing? Why does beer lacing happen? And why is beer lacing important?

So, What is Beer Lacing?

Beer lacing is the leftover foam inside your pint glass after you take a sip. It can leave designs along your glass from the rim down to the level of beer in your pint glass. Sometimes you’ll find beer lacing at the bottom of your glass after you finished your beer. The foamier the beer, the more beer lacing left when you drink it.

Why Does Beer Lacing Happen?

Foam is a result of the hops in your beer. When you pour a beer, the proteins in the beer (mostly the protein found in barley) link, stick together, and cling onto the beer bubbles and the pint glass.

Why is Beer Lacing Important?

Think of beer lacing like a foam blanket. The beer stays bubbly and cream while you drink it because the foam keeps the carbon dioxide in your beer.

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