Brew Breakdown: A Simple Beer Guide

Brew Breakdown: A Simple Beer Guide


New to brews? Sometimes ordering a beer at your favorite Flagstaff breweries can be intimidating, especially when there are so many beers to choose from. That’s we compiled this brew breakdown list. Know you’ll like the beer you select before your first sip with our simple beer guide:


Fun Fact: It’s the youngest beer style in the world.


  • A clean, light and simple pale lager.
  • Light to golden yellow in color.
  • Strong, hoppy flavors both fragrant and slightly bitter.

Wheat Beer

Fun Fact: It’s very similar to some of the first brewed beers.


  • A mixture of barley and wheat grains.
  • Very little hops.
  • Cloudy appearance.

Brown Ale

Fun Fact: It’s an old style of beer with a history dating back to un-hot ales.


  • Dark brown or amber in color.
  • High malt levels.
  • Earthy, less bitter and slightly sweet flavor.

Pale Ale

Fun Fact: It’s the most popular in the world.


  • Moderate to strong hoppy flavors.
  • Light in color.
  • Dry, slightly bitter flavors.

India Pale Ale

Fun Fact: It comes from the 1700s when English troops lived in India.


  • Very strong hoppy flavors.
  • Golden yellow to red amber in color.
  • Slightly bitter taste.


Fun Fact: It originates from German monasteries where it was used as nourishment during Lenten fasts.


  • High alcohol by volume (ABV).
  • Robust malt flavors.
  • Golden to dark brown in color.


Fun Fact: It was the beer to drink during 18th century London.


  • Roasted malts or roasted barley flavors.
  • Dark in color.
  • Hints of chocolate and toffee flavors.


Fun Fact: The term “stout” was used to denote the strongest and weightiest beers in a brewer’s portfolio.


  • Completely opaque in appearance.
  • Dark in color.
  • Thick, brown beer head.
  • Hints of chocolate, molasses, or coffee.

What are your favorite beers to drink along the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail? Which ones do you want to try? Share below.

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