Is Beer Really A Recovery Drink?

Is Beer Really A Recovery Drink?



Cyclists, runners, climbers, hikers, yoga buffs—all of us love a pint or two along the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail. But can we really drink a pint shortly after a good workout?

In other words, can beer really be a recovery drink?

Intense exercise depletes your body of a lot of important vitamins, electrolytes and carbs. That’s why athletes choose sports drinks and coconut water. They’re full of the good sugar and nutrients that replenish the body after a hard workout.

Beer has some of that good stuff too that’s important for muscle recovery including sugary carbs, some electrolytes, and plant-based nutrients from the hops, yeast and barley.

So, what’s the catch? The alcohol in beer screws up everything.

Drinking alcohol leaves you dehydrated, making you feel even more depleted after running those miles or lifting those weights. Plus alcohol hinders the muscle recovery process after your workout.

To make beer an ideal recovery drink, alcohol needs to be eliminated from the beer. That’s right, the good stuff.

So, is beer really a recovery drink? The simple answer: not really.

Our suggestion? Stick to sports drinks, coconut water and H2O as your go-to recovery drink. Drink beer an hour or two later when you can enjoy it with friends along the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail. What’s the fun in drinking beer when you’re chugging it down while still panting for air?

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