The Best Beer & BBQ Pairings

The Best Beer & BBQ Pairings



We might be packing away our swimsuits and white pants, but it’s not cold enough for your grease-stained tongs to hibernate. But if you’re going to throw a piece of meat onto the grill, stay away from drinking watery brews that might as well be melted ice. Fill your growler with some Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail beer that pairs well with your BBQ.


A thick burger on a soft bun deserves the right kind of beer to complement its juicy flavors. The best beer to pair with your BBQ steak is a gently hopped pale ale or a lager with a hint of caramel like a Vienna Lager.


What pairs best with a medium-rare steak? Set down your steak knife for a pint of a rich, malty Belgian brew like a Dubbel style beer.

BBQ Ribs

When your ribs are dripping with sauce, your meal is best paired with a beer that pulls out the best flavors of the tender meat and the sauce. Try beers with caramel, toast, and dark fruit aromas like Doppelbocks and dark German lagers like Dunkels.

Pulled Pork

Smoked pork meat means beer that takes risks with its flavor. Serve yourself a pale lager like helles or a hoppy bitter brew like an IPA that pairs well with bold BBQ sauce and pulled pork.

Bratwurst or Kielbasa

IPAs are too much for these subtly flavored meats. As your bratwurst or kielbasa sizzles on the grill, drink a dark, crisp lager like a Munich Dunkel Lager style beer or a full-bodied, amber-hued brews like a Bock style beer.


Seafood is a lighter-tasting meat, so choose a beer that’s not so heavy. Saisons, especially farmhouse ales, complement grilled fish. If grilled veggies and shrimp are on the menu, pour yourself a wheat beer like a white ale or a cloudy Hefeweizen.

What Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail beers pair well with your BBQ? Share your favorite brews below.

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