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Visit flagstaffaletrail.com and see us on Facebook for the latest from our Ale Trail!

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The Importance of Local Breweries to the Community

Importance of Local Breweries to the Community

Flagstaff holds great pride in our local beer and brewery culture. In fact, one of the main reasons that the Flagstaff-Grand Canyon Ale Trail was created was to bring the community together through our love of beer. But that’s not the only importance of local breweries in our community.

Local Breweries Bring Business to the Community

It’s a lot of work to produce, serve, manage, and distribute great local brews. This creates jobs for both entrepreneurs and career-seekers alike. And because the community loves these local brews, locals buy their brews from our local businesses. Tourists visiting Arizona and the Grand Canyon often make a stop in Flagstaff to taste our great brews, bringing more money into the community.

Local Breweries Bring the Community Together

Just as pubs have been the gathering place for centuries, breweries have become designated hangouts in the community. Local breweries encourage community meetings and group get-togethers as well as offering to host private parties. But that’s not all they host—many breweries in Flagstaff host beer tastings along with special events and festivals throughout the year.

Local Breweries Promote the Community

If you’ve been to a festival in Prescott, Phoenix, or Tucson where beer is served, chances are you’ve seen a Flagstaff brewery among the beer tents. Local breweries bring the great taste of Flagstaff to other communities, and this leaves other communities wanting to visit Flagstaff to get the full brew experience.

Local Breweries Bring Great Beer to the Community

Believe it or not, many communities only have nationally distributed brews on draft. Thanks to breweries in Flagstaff, our favorite local beers are served not only at their original breweries but also at many bars and restaurants throughout the city. No matter where we decide to share great times with our friends, we can count on a cold pint brewed with clean water and by our local experts.